22 Aug - 5 Sept 2021

It’s Broome Time

stress free and relaxation loaded!

Living in Broome is more than just a place we call home, we also believe we’ve got the ultimate lifestyle too. Steeped in unique history, laden with cultural diversity, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, boasting the perfect tropical weather and filled with the friendliest locals – there’s no other place like Broome! Not only are we lucky enough to live here – we’re proud of it and we invite you to join us in celebrating everything we love about our vibrant town.

Shinju Matsuri is our much loved festival which encapsulates everything that is Broome and the surrounding areas of the Kimberley region. Featuring an incredible kaleidoscope of events, Shinju Matsuri pays tribute to our heritage and culture as well as showcasing the multitude of phenomenal talent we have up here. So come on over, relax – make yourselves at home and be part of this year’s dazzling Shinju Matsuri Festival! 

Golden Jubilee

Shinju Matsuri celebrates it’s

50th Anniversary

Shinju Matsuri is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary! Planning is well underway for one of the largest festivals in its history. Stay in touch with developments for Shinju Matsuri’s Golden Jubilee by signing up to our mailing list below.

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