Paspaley Floating Lantern VIP

Experience the Floating Lantern Matsuri in style!

We are excited to announce that the Floating Lantern VIP experience will be presented by Paspaley Pearls. Come and enjoy this magical event in style.

Your Paspaley VIP ticket will include: your lantern kit, free flowing drinks and canapes featuring Paspaley Pearl Meat as well as comfortable seating as you relax, listen to music and watch the sunset before and after sending your floating lantern message out to sea.

The Floating Lantern Matsuri embraces everything about life, love, peace and friendship, providing you with a chance to get your thoughts down in writing and gently send them off onto destinations unknown. Whether your message is personal in memory of a lost loved one, a wish, a prayer or general words of encouragement and happiness for the world – put it on a lantern and watch it commence it’s peaceful, glowing journey on the evening tide.

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